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August 23, 2014



"Yes, of course" manOman, you nailed it with that and all the connections, it really does boggle the mind but as you say.. not so much surprised anymore. I, personally, love discovering connections and so really enjoying reading about yours.
So incredibly sad, the young nephew, my heart goes out to the family and friends.
Peaches... yes, sounds like Mrs.P needs her and it's good there is caring and sharing to help also. I'm with you, I'd probably be content with the present.
I don't know what to tell you re: bottled water dilemma. I used to drink our tap water until a bit over a year ago they started adding chloramine, I started having weird symptoms, quit drinking it and symptoms went away. I haul filtered water in by the gallons (reusing the jugs) for my drinking and cooking, Bobby has had no issues with the tap water.
I keep talking with him about installing a good home filter that will also filter out the chloramines but he nods and then goes on his merry way. ;)

Cheers to a fabulous week for all.

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