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July 01, 2014



That is absolutely, deliriously gorgeous


Yay! Been thinking of you all day. xo

Donna Lee

So glad you're home and healing.

I love the backsplash. I am redoing my kitchen/living/dining room and was looking at glass tile for the backsplash. I can't decide and unfortunately my husband's unexpected unemployment will put a hold on any new expenditures for a while.

Have a happy and safe Fourth.


You've been on my mind a lot, so glad to hear you are home and recovering from this surgery. I love how your kitchen is coming together, you've made some really wonderful choices.


So glad the surgery went well. Oh, that backsplash! So cool. I can't wait to see it
all grouted. Pictures, pictures, please.


So glad the surgery went well AND with most excellent care from the staff!
The back-splash is gorgeous!! Love the marble, I have also lusted after the glass.
Here's to a great holiday for you and all.
Catch you next week, heal well.


Longtime lurker here telling you that I am glad it is over and you are home -- I think of you and your beautiful knitting every summer as we drive through Buffalo on our way from IL to NH and back again. Get well soon!

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