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June 30, 2014


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It sounds like you have done all there is to do to get ready for this, and now is the time. I'll be thinking of you. xo


OH dear sweet mercy,I remember when he was so much younger, a boy... and look at him now. Such the fine looking young man,great hair cut there, but even more, his accomplishments this Summer. Wishing him the very best on his month abroad with safe journey there and back again.
Sweet Dreams is LOVEly!
Wishing YOU the very best on your surgery tomorrow and the healing process after.
I'll be out of pocket for about 10 days but know I'll be thinking about you, sending you the good stuff. xox


Heh. I insisted I give Elder Son a trim before he started his residency. His hair is still long enough for a ponytail, but the raggedy, uneven split ends are gone.

All my best for your surgery and its aftermath (I know I am late, but the wishes are sincere).

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