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January 07, 2014


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I hope all remains snug and warm chez McG as the storm continues there. Nice weather for knitting! :-)



Brrr! It might even be too cold there for me! Stay warm, I hope your heater keeps heating and your wool is stuffed in all the window cracks!


That sounds pretty exciting. It's not quite as wild up here, thank goodness. Hope you come out of the crazy adventure soon.

donna lee

We got the bitter bitter cold and wind but not the precipitation (that will wait until the weekend when the temps are 50+ degrees). I had to go to work and even today it's only 12 degrees. That's cold for this part of the world. I'm hoping my clients (many of whom have compromised health) are smart enough to stay home.


You got off the Island at the right time? We've had cold, but certainly not what you have. Stay warm. I know I've been bundling up.
I walked through the gym yesterday on the way to get the mail. Maybe tomorrow I'll stop and work out? I got out of the routine when I had the plague.


I'm glad you are home and safe together keeping warm and entertained. xo


We got vortexed over the weekend. It's sort of fun . . . once everyone is safely home -- and the cupboards are full. Now, of course, it's warm and raining. (Bet it's headed your way, too.)

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