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January 06, 2014


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Brrr. Looks pretty but it would be prettier if you didn't have to go out in it. Yay sweater! Sleeves always seem to me like they should go more quickly than they actually do.


Safe travels out & about tomorrow. The weather this year is weird and changeable. Half an hour after I removed slush this morning, the flowing water had frozen into a stream that looked like it was still in motion.


I have been thinking of you because I thought it looked like the weather people were saying you are going to get bunches of snow soon. Safe travels, and here's hoping the sweater-knitting is continuing to progress well. xo

donna lee

We are in the deep freeze today but it will be 50 degrees this coming weekend, just in time for it to rain and not snow. I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad at that. (I love the snow)

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