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July 02, 2013



Mmmm. Ice cream!
Hope all goes well at the Sept dr appt.
Yay! A new car!


Most definitely the weight loss! Congrats again! I'd say that once a month, I treat myself to something special. Unless I"m going to be staying in Dallas overnight.


You can totally afford the ice cream - it'll stop you from disappearing completely ;)

I'll be waiting for the September update. And my thoughts are with your G. I am very glad indeed that I am past 17 & I'm not altogether looking forward to watching my kids go through that ;)


Please tell me you do not walk and eat at the same time. That sidewalk makes me nervous.

Griffie will be okay. He's tougher than he knows. He's your kid, after all.

Stay home and make me cronuts. ;^)


Cookie can't eat an ice cream cone without looking? O.o
yay new car! New job! New sweater! New pretty bird!


There's only one thing worse than being 17 . . . and that's watching your kid be 17. Hang in there -- and maybe take him for an ice cream?


That ice cream looks so good, and if I had sidewalks and a DQ within walking distance, either life would be better, or it would help with times when it is not.

So, what's the new vehicle? I hope you're enjoying it. xo

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