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June 20, 2013



Yay socks! I will briefly be heading into some cool but I will not be bringing socks. I am *hoping* for cold toes!


Not entirely sure I remember either pair but whatever...



Pretty socks! Cookie did it again. :D


Cookie does rock the sock, doesn't she? And, they do fit perfectly. I am rather hoping that sweater won't be knit poolside.


Great socks! Such a perfect color. It's amazing the interesting summers our "maturing" children bring us, isn't it?


Loving the new socks. The colour reminds me that I was going to do my toenails this afternoon & I was contemplating a light & bright green. You have a wonderful sockmaker ;)


They are very lovely socks. I think casting on for a sweater is a wonderful way to remember that, like other bad things in life, the terrible weather will change. xo

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