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May 02, 2013



Fences make good neighbors. Moving! Sweet!

ccr in MA

Congrats on the move! Hopefully the health stuff will get figured out soon. And nice socks!


Congratulations! I hope the move goes well for you and you get the answers you need.


Hope the docs figure out what is going on, the move goes smoothly (Pool! Yay!) and just want to say the sockies are super! :)


Don't move yet. There are more socks coming...

(Not That) Joan

Thank you for the asterisks after the term "tea bagging". My first thought was that the Chumbuckets had been replaced by something much more... uh... unseemly?

A house with a pool! Hope there will be plenty of hot summer days to enjoy it!


You have had a bunch on your plate, haven't you? I'm thrilled for your move and your excitement about it. The idea of moving right now makes my blood curdle, but you sound like you're ready so YIPPEE! I'm thrilled the boys are doing well and that you and Gary will get your pool. And, of course, the socks are gorgeous. Have a good weekend!!

donna lee

All in good time, dearest Joan. I grew up with a pool and we had one in the yard up until a few years ago. With everyone working, no one was home to clean it and I got tired of trying to keep it clean for the few times we were around to use it. I miss it on those warm summer days when I'd like to float around in a large tube and just vegetate.

I'm glad you're moving. Your home there is lovely but hasn't been the most comfortable for you all. (but damn, I hate moving)


The new home sounds lovely, and while your current house is beautiful, I know your neighborhood has not been particularly neighborly (with the exception of Miss S and family). I am excited for you.

Those green socks are delish. Let us know if you find the name of the pattern!


Which is better, no bridges or having a pool or saying Bye to the teabaggers? Hard to say, really...


Yay for fences and a pool! I laugh when you say "island living"; you get way more snow that I would imagine if I thought about island living. I am soooo jealous of Connor's travels.

Sue B

Best of luck with your move. The downsizing makes sense, as long as there is a room for fiber!

Cheryl S.

Oh my goodness - such changes! Best of luck, and hope everything turns out great.


I seldom post a comment here but I got such a ripple of excitement for you all when I read of your new home. Congratulations on this new next chapter of your lives!


Sorry I'm late to this party but Happy House Moving! A pool will be *just* the thing for your knees!

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