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April 15, 2013



It's such a complete feeling when the kids are all at home.
Math! 2nd grade granddaughter is already working on times tables!!
Yay for knee shots that work!
Cookie is a sweetheart but she doesn't seem to like/believe it when I say it. :D


Good heavens, they are handsome fellas. And i cant help but notice how loose your rings are! There's happiness all over those pictures, ms joan!


Grown as men! :D

Are those pussy willows?

(Not That) Joan

What a handsome brace of boys (well, young men really). Thanks for sharing!


Oh, Those Boys! Those absolutely wonderful Boys! (So glad Connor made it through calculus unscathed. THAT's an accomplishment!)


Oh, hunny. The math is the same, they just teach it is a different language;-p

donna lee

Everyone should have a friend like Cookie. She is the best.

This is the same "new math" my parents complained about when I was in school. They keep updating it. I am grateful I never had to take the calculus, I would have failed.


They are the most handsome of boys (MEN!) and smart, too! Cookie is the best of all friends. She's a nurturer.


Lovely, lovely photo of your boys!


Great shot of your children. And lovely sleeves - I covet that green. Wonderful.


Marvelous sleeves and lovely hands. Great sons photos, too!

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