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March 13, 2013



Sounds like you've found a good lab and lab tech too.
Cute baby clothes but what the heck why?
Very nice cabley socks. Cookie has done it again!


Noises Off! is hilarious! A number of years ago Younger Son was a stagehand at local professional theater; the village library happened to be in the lower level of the historic building. I was doing some free-lance catalog cleanup for the library consortium and arranged to use the connection in that library. I would drive YS to the theater and do my work during the play and we would drive home together. At one point every night there would be a deafening stampede above my head -- that ONE scene in the play where everyone is running around like made. When I finally saw Noises Off!, I understood what I had been hearing for weeks.

Great socks! (Of course; Our Cookie is good like that.)


Seeing the similar tags visible on some items, my theory about the baby clothes is that they were shoplifted and the thief made a sudden decision to dump them, possibly due to fear of detection or remorse.

Lovely socks!


Ugh. I hate that. People can't figure out why I get worked up about Ann vs. Anne. *Because Ann is. not. my. NAME!*

Nice cables!


I DARE you to eat a baked potato! With butter lamb and everything!

(Not that) Joan

Karen's explanation makes sense, but I was thinking more about a parting gift from the Chumbuckets. Oh no wait, the clothes aren't ugly...


I'm guessing someone found the clothes for a friend, dropped them off in the wrong mailbox, and is now wondering why they haven't heard a thank you. Some people are so rude! (The rosette on the shirt is in this year for the baby/toddler/preschooler set. I am not fond of the look, myself, but it's EVERYWHERE.)

Mmmmmm, baked potatoes.

donna lee

It's a good thing to feel comfortable with the folks who are sticking you with a needle and taking your blood.

Cookie makes such beautiful socks! You have lucky feet.


I'm glad you found a good lab. It's *very* important to have someone who knows what they are doing, but also important that you feel comfortable with them--like that they know your name and how to handle the samples. The rude tech could just be having a bad day, but why chance it? This one seems so much better.

Cheryl S.

You just get all kinds of weirdness, don't you? Maybe you need to wear the tin foil on your head. LOL.
I love "Noises Off". Very cute play.
Wonderful socks!


Sounds like the lab change was good on most counts. Baby clothes? Bet it was a kid that did it on a dare and then lost their nerve, or not. Love your new socks. And, exactly how do you keep track of those boys of yours?


Oooh, secret baby! Or secret toddler.

Weird about the tinfoil. I learn something new every day.

Pretty cabled socks!


Well blood protected from light does envoke some interesting story lines! I get you on the Joanne is not Joan. I use the Joan/Joanne comparison when trying to have people NOT call me SUSAN. It is not Susanne and my name is Susanne! Enjoy that baked potato, you deserve it with lots of butter and some green onions for garnish.


Oh Joan!!! I am soooo with you about the name thing! I DETEST being called Joanne - as you said.. that is not my name!! I have discovered (being in Canada) that it is sometimes a French thing with the "oa" sounding as a long "o". (to further complicate things - my middle name is Ann!!) Anyway - good luck with the new lab - you may have found a good one!

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