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March 24, 2013



So glad you have a careful doctor. I've got 5 years of bloodwork in a spreadsheet & I make sure I get copies of all new test results in case I don't have as good a doctor as you do!

Nice work on the slippers.

I find the butter lambs slightly disturbing. I think it's mostly that the little Alleluia flags seem like they might have punctured a vital organ.


Pierogi with tomato sauce?!?! That, that, that's sacrilege!!! I have a hard time watching people eating them deep fried. Happy Easter.



Why do those lambs never look like lambs? The larger one looks like the Loc Ness Monster crying out in pain because someone cut off his hindquarters and stuck him with that flag.

You did start the slippers on the drive to see the Connor. Where's your button, btw? :p

Oh, and I totally think you've more than earned a baked potato for suffering through all that lab work.



Those butter lambs are sort of charming in a really creepy way. I say Bring on the Pickled Beets! Nice slippers, and cheers for doctors that pay attention. Hope all is sorted out and that you're feeling more chipper soon.

donna lee

And don't forget the babka. Every self respecting Polish meal has babka. We have a butter lamb in the fridge and the pierogies but I have yet to get the kielbasa. I don't like the stuff and that may be why I've put it off. I'm not doing the cooking-two of my daughters are. I am only making baked beans to have with the potato salad and ham.

And I'm making a Pina Colada cake for one daughter's birthday the week after Easter. I like having grown children who can cook.


It's nice to see you and Cookie are still around and caring for each other. I worry about you both and like to hear an update from time to time. I've never heard of butter lambs, but marzipan pigs have been part of a friends Easter.


Love the finished slippers! I've just finished printing off the pattern.

Hope you are feeling better soon. xo


There's MARZIPAN?! No one told me there was marzipan.

Cheryl S.

They do look a little like the Loch Ness monster...

Good luck with the medical stuff - hope you get some good news.


I'm always a little shocked to discover that not everyone in the country celebrates holidays with tamales and green chile.
Butter lambs are a little frightening. Dunno about marzipan pigs, but Norma has little hatching-chick deviled eggs...


Joe thinks the butter lambs look like butter seals. :)

Happy Easter!

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