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March 19, 2013



I was furious with the cable guy because he tried to blame the router and it wasn't the router.
I could eat the Twizzlers all in one sitting (40 pieces, 40 calories each) so one a day is sort of giving something up.
Plague is gone, snow melted.
Will try to get to that bakery this week but it does require wearing real pants.
Love the socks/future socks!


125 pounds is not 185 pounds, 185 pounds is a husband!


Butter lambs! I miss butter lambs! I completely understand the Twizzlers for lent. A bag can be a serving in certain situations. I have a thing for snickers, so I get the small ones and freeze them. Isn't fiber and yarn just a different kind of meth?

Cheryl S.

Zombie Vixen. Definitely.


I think that once you pass the 120 point, you can just start making up numbers when ti comes to weight loss.


I'm with Cookie ... over 100 pounds, and you call it what you want to.

Now you have me craving Twizzlers.


That Cookie...she does it all!
Definitely the Kujeillen.


Thanks for Joan update. Of course I don't know her for real but am impressed that whatever she does, she does so well - knit, spin, run a small business, parent kids, deal with cable company. An inspiration for us lesser beings! :)Irrelevant, but someone needs to know this - I had never heard of those Polish Donut Lent Things (I can't pronounce let alone spell) until we moved to the Midwest, where they seem to be available January - April.


You might have written the blog, Cookie, but Joan apparently still retains editing rights;-p

Carol Cousins-Tyler

Dear Joan, Get well soon!!
Dear Cookie, I am going to have to start following your blog again. I forgot to note the e-address when we got a new computer. You are just as funny as I remember!!


Joan, you can have my lifetime share of Twizzlers. Give me regular red ropes anyday (and not those flaccid red vines, either).
I don't get butter lambs or lamb cakes or any of those things, but then again, I'm from the southwest, where they have Tamales For All Seasons. (I don't like those either.)(But All The Green Chile Are Belong To Us.)


Aha! So those adorable fiber cupcakes have been a front for a more lucrative business??



She does sound a bit better on the phone today.

She likes the first mitt pattern and 'the one that starts with a G'. I'll take that. ;^)


Twizzlers. Used to love them, until an Unfortunate Experience at the walking track. Now I can't even look at a package - any flavor - without remembering and being traumatized all over again.

I vote for the Knotty gloves, only fingerless. And that reminds me that they've been in my Rav "favorites" for a.long.time. I should probably do something about that...once I get the current mittens AND the current mitts off the needles!


and, really, does anybody dare to say no to Cookie? =)


Thanks for guest blogging Cookie.

Joan glad to hear that things are holding together despite the plague. Congrats on at least a partial win again the cable company. It says a lot for you.


Joan, I do hope you're feeling better. And Cookie how could I have lived all these years and never known what a butter lamb was! Thank-you!


Oh, you devil, Cookie -- now I have more fingerless gloves in my favorites. All very nice, though.

Joan: after 100 pounds, all need for accuracy falls away (just like the weight).

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