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February 04, 2013



You need to talk to someone at google. It took AGES for them to pick this post up. Bastards...

THIS is how you take an FO photo in the snow! And such an FO! I had doubts about the pattern but it looks like you fixed the weirdness. Well done!

Now tell the nice people what size jeans you're having to buy. *L*


Lovely sweater. Blame the yoke texture for making it look darker. Yeah, that's the ticket. Although you can't really tell from the picture.
The weather here is causing 3 costume changes a day.

Cheryl S.

Congratulations on the loss of the Chumbuckets.

I do love a circular-yoke sweater.


The Chumbuckets are gone?!!!!

::chorus of angels singing::


66 is not a warm spell. It's a cold snap. Brrrr.

That is a beautiful sweater!

Wait, they're moving/moved? Excellent!

(Not that) Joan

Now that your heart's desire has been achieved and the Chumbuckets are out, might I humbly request that any spare prayers go toward unloading the house I cannot sell? You never know, I could be somebody's Chumbucket! :)


I hear you Joan, I have also lost a lot of weight in the last year and struggling to knit things that fit. I hate dressing rooms as well but its against the law to run naked..also its a bit cool.
I love both sweaters and the down coat was amazing...LOL


Hooray for the sweater. It looks fabulous. I like the way the yoke looks darker.

So glad the Chumbuckets are finally out. I doubt it's any surprise they left a visible bit of annoyance for the new owners. Doubtless they also left a bunch of fun surprises that will only become evident over time.


Ah, FINALLY I have time to look at the pretty sweater on a good monitor! The color is fantastic; too bad it had drama.


It is a lovely sweater, and I am glad you were able to overcome the drama to make it work.

Whatchya hookin'?

Here's to having better neighbors! xo


Beautiful sweater! We had that heat wave here, too. Very disconcerting. And . . . good riddance to bad rubbish (tvs, too).


Another gorgeous sweater (and I hear you about the drama and some hand-dyed yarns).
A kerjillion cheers.. nay, CHEERS!!!!! for the CBs exit! Here's best wishes the new neighbours will be lovely people.
This weight loss, it's a bit mind boggling.. jean size? a size 2? simply because you didn't look all that large to begin with.

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