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February 14, 2013




You're going to knit me a baby schmatta, right? But bigger and no in baby colors, right? You'll have plenty of free time this weekend. ;^)


Yep, I and my relatives are late for everything, alas. I do have that lovely goodie packed in my go-bag and ready at a moment's notice, though. I still can't believe out managed o make noro feel soft.

ccr in MA

Beautiful blanket!


Beautiful scarf!
And the baby blankey is so sweet.
Yay for spring break!


The scarf would warm up anything! It is lovely. I have a much greater appreciation for your awesomeness after this past week.
Taiyo is crack. I too can't believe how soft and wonderful it is.I'm planing on one of those twist things with some of mine. I just have to narrow down the color.

donna lee

Gorgeous baby blanket. I'll bet it becomes the kid's favorite and is well loved.

The scarf is so bright and cheery. It's been almost 60 degres again this week here in FEBRUARY. I haven't needed a scarf which is weird for Feb. Of course when we plan an outdoor outing for the weekend? "Wintry mix" on its way.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I hope you continue to grow in strength and health.


Hooray for legal blood doping ;) Hope the energy holds through all you've got to do.

That blanket is lovely. It's got me itching to cast on but there is no time.

I'm so glad the CBs are gone but I do hope the new neighbours are not vampires or something. I'm sure all will be well.

Cheryl S.

The scarf is gorgeous, the blanket is awesome (and Taiyo feels so nice!).

Love Cookie's comment.


Perhaps vampires would be an improvement over the CBs?

Love that stole/scarf - I went right over to Ravelry and faved the pattern. Someday..


What a lovely scarf! What a lovely baby blanket! What lovely sons! What wonderful NOT-CBs! Hope you are feeling energized and happy. Please take care of yourself.


Your new wrap is so beautiful, and I adore the colors. I have flipped through that mag before, but not knit anything from it. I mostly get distracted by the bzillions of patterns I already have and forget to think about it.

I hope the treatment helps with anemia and all that and your continued recovery keeps a good pace.

The baby blanket is wonderful! xoxox

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