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February 21, 2013



Helllllooooooo LADY!

What color is the jacket?

Btw, do you know what I would do for a house with 12 closets?! o.O


He probably couldn't remember your name;-p I'm with Cookie. 12 Closets? Love the socks. And, the jacket reminds me of a few things in my closets. It's good to hear from you, Joan.

Donna lee

I know the closets need cleaning out but i don't trust anyone else to do it. As usual, cookie made gorgeous socks. I wish i could work as fast as she does!


12 closets might mean we could park ONE car in the garage...
I call friends Lady sometimes (and people I don't like, esp men, are Princess, but that's something else entirely - may switch that to snowflake...)

So, fabulous jersey dress - does it fit now?

Cheryl S.

Lady? Quite strange.
Sorry about the Ponzi-whatever. Hope it's not too bad.
Great socks!


Please tell Kitten that I call those annoying men "sister". Works like a charm.


Sweet! A new ankle to stalk. I, however, promise never to show up unannounced and steal yarn.


Hey, lady. Yes, odd. Could be worse?

Sweet socks!


My new glasses are purple too..although quite purple, I do love them.

Your socks are great and I bet the Hey Lady guy forgot your name. LOL


Hey Lady? Ugh.
(It's amazing what turns up in a closet re-org, isn't it?)

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