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January 16, 2013



I have it in my head that Cookie's birthday is in June so it catches me off guard every year. ~>:(
I apparently need to hear a blond story.
That hat is lovely, and while the yarn may be "something", it looks lovely too.
Good news from the doctor is good news indeed, though I'd love to know how you got taller.
If I stuffed every last article of clothing in the whole house in bags, I doubt I'd get close to ten of them. o.O


Just be honest. You have a boney ass. I'm sure most people won't judge you for it and the ones who do only wish they had such problems.

I'm glad you got the rings back.

Kindly stop growing. It's hard enough to be supportive as it is. :p



Oh and and knit more than just the one chart repeat on the hat.


I love the hat. The colors are beautiful as is the pattern. How'd you get taller? Of course, with all you've been through a perk is a perk, right? Oh, and one more thing. You know the spellings of each Mark at the PO? You are an example for us all!


Welcome to the bonnie ass club. Sitting anywhere is uncomfortable. I carry a cushion around and it only adds to my crazy knit, bag lady appearance. :)
Growing up is good, getting lean is better! Love the color of your new hat. I have no doubt it its perfectly!

Cheryl S.

Beautiful new hat - that Cookie is really something.
Congrats on the gained (re-gained?) height, and all that weight loss!

Looking forward to hearing more about your space/self reflection.


How on earth did you get taller? I have shrunk nearly an inch in the last ten years. But good for you anyway :)

Cookie is amazing. (If it hurt my ass to sit in the tub I would have used bubble wrap. But that's just me and the fact I live in the middle of nowhere.)


Perhaps you're just standing straighter without those extra pounds. Glad you're managing well & hooray for one week to go (well, much less now). The hat is gorgeous. And also hooray for the Mark that helped you out.


Not to take away from the wonderful job you have done with the weight loss, but I want the secret to getting taller.

Love the hat! xo

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