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December 04, 2012


Sue B

I'm worn out just reading about it all! Congratulations on your weight loss; that's quite an accomplishment.



Bananas, deer, Panera. Not his shirt, waitress flirting, and The Mister sharing his pretzels. For a start.

So proud of you.

Cheryl S.



Wow! I'm amazed you still have time for blogging! And how's the knee?


Life if full, and that is a Very Good Thing! Congratulations to Griffin; how cool is THAT? You must just burst with pride from those two talented, thoughtful, wonderful young men of yours. XO


Uffda, you've been busy!
Yay to Griffin!
Happy sweater knitting!

donna lee

I haven't made any holiday shopping excursions. Haven't bought one single thing-unless you count the thousands of dollars spent replacing our roof and the resultant remodeling of the room underneath.

I'm looking forward to the holidays but have to get the construction debris and inspections out of the way first.


My goodness, Joan. Hope the chemo finishes up and does its job. Griffin looks so cool. And, so grown up. Congrats to him! New coats are good and so are leg warmers. I'm so so glad Griffin found your ring. And, I cannot even imagine how your Mom messed up the power in her room and it might be best if I don't know. Thank heavens for Jim. Take care, dearheart!!


Fat jealous bitches. Canadian shoppers/drivers. How many Verizon stores does it take to make a phone go? Life on an island. What happened at the Arby's that time.

I could do this all day.



I am exhausted reading your update. Try not to do so much between now and next post so we aren't so tired, mmkay? ;)


Tell them about the PUNCH BOWL!!!


& The drunk dude singing to the ice cream. The pint-sized rebellion you need to put down. & The story of The Mister's ring.

There's more but you knew that. ;^)




All this in one week that you are off chemo? Zounds, woman, sit down! Griffin is so cute, I just want to hug him.


Congratulations to Griffin for the Christmas card contest, and to you for your weight loss. I'm so happy Griffin found your ring, too.



You're doing way more than I seem to be so you must be overdoing it. So glad that Griffin found the ring.


Wow! So much happening and so much doing. You are amazing! I'm glad you've recovered from the flu shot reaction. It seems like you are doing so much and I feel that instinct to worry that you are overdoing it, but I know you know much more than I and are wise and sensible. So, instead of worrying, I am cheering you on in whatever endeavor you take on.

I'm pretty sure legwarmers really are a good idea. xoxo


Congrats to Griffin! and so glad he found your ring!
WoW! All the Things you've been up to AND everything Cookie was listing!


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