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November 15, 2012



I do love it when your blight voice sounds excited and hopeful instead of tired or frustrated.
Also, that yarn is lovely. Is it noro?


College kid(s) home for the holidays is the best!
College visits already? Where did that time go??
YAY!for the knee feeling better. WooHoo!


This is a wonderful post filled with wonderful news! My son (sr. in college) won't be home for Thanksgiving (he only gets 4 days) so he can use that time to finish his grad. school applications. This makes me a little sad, but I can't really argue with his mature decision! I am thrilled that your knee is much better and that in about 20 hrs. Connor will be home for a whole week. I hope you all enjoy every minute of the break and have a wonderful time!


Is it in the former east germany? Is that law office thing a euphemism? Have doubts about the summer camps, too. Some of us still remember Franco. I'm just sayin'...

Love the schemata!


Glad the knee is doing a bit better.

More college visits? Already? Well I guess from the pictures he's ready for it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all together.

donna lee

A Spanish law office? What an odd internship that would be! (but probably fascinating).

Since when did kids get a whole week for Thanksgiving, or is Connor just lucky that his classes worked out that way? I am looking forward to that long weekend so much. One of my kids is hosting dinner next Thursday. How did that happen?

donna lee

And PS

I'm glad your knee is feeling better. I have been thinking about you.


Eldest comes home today, too ... excitement is the order of the day in our house. We have missed him!

Glad to hear that your knee is on the mend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ....


I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better, and that you get some time with your boys, especially after all the trials of the last while. Big hugs to you, and huzzah for soothing garter stitch. Sometimes, it's just the thing.


Yay Connor! Yay Griff! Yay knee! :^)


What a great week ahead! So glad you'll all be together. Is your sister going to make it for Thanksgiving? And, I cannot help you with the time thing. Isn't Griff 10? I just thought he was a child prodigy and Connor is at boarding school, right? The time just flies and sometimes way too fast. Enjoy your boys and it's good to hear from you. That is one cool sweater (from what I can tell), but it needs a time out until you can figure out what you want to do. Take care, dear Joan!

Barbara Pauler

Mexico is not Spain!


Glad the knee is better. Painful mobility is SUCH a drag. Boys home = excitement and laughter and love, what could be finer?

Is the garter stitch objet d'knit a sky project sort of thing? The blues and grays make me think that. It IS lovely.


There is so much . . . thanksgiving. . . in your post, dear Joan! I hope you are enjoying every moment of Connor's visit home -- and every stitch of that lovely garter stitch whatever-it-is. (And don't you think it all moves even faster - if that is possible - with child #2? That was my experience, at least.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Yay, Togetherness!

I'm so glad you knee is improving.

I can't wait to see the new things.

Happy Thanksgiving! xo

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