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August 17, 2008



At least you will have that fantastic Agatha to keep you company. The Oyster Bay shawl is lovely, too! Wonderful work.


Oyster Bay is perfect! You got one heck of a shawl out of 700 yards - another reason to love DIC. And Agatha will be stunning, as well. You are a champion niece!

Have fun with the Mr. The week will go fast!


Of course, you will talk constantly about the boys while they are gone. Enjoy your time with the Mr. and you recharge your batteries, too. Your shawls are too stunning for words. Joan, you are amazing.

donna lee

The irony of children. They can get in the way and underfoot all day but as soon as they're gone, they're so sorely missed. Enjoy your peaceful time. It's short and it sounds like you need it.


Oh mercy. Oyster Bay shawl is beyond lovely. You'll have your Auntie in tears. You know the kind.
Enjoy your quiet time with the Mr. Your boys will be back home soon.


Oyster Bay looks lovely, Joan. It looks so relaxing...must be the color. Hurray for Agatha that's different enough to be interesting but not that different.

Enjoy your time with your DH, you both deserve it.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oh, it's perfect! I love the colors. I love the pattern. So pretty! I'm sure she'll love it.


It's sweltering hot here and I would still wear a shawl like that proudly. It's amazing! You should be very proud!


Love the shawl, the pattern and even that fake baby yarn. How many repeats of the second chart did you end up doing? I'm using Malabrigo and already debating how I can get.

Agatha is looking lovely.

Isn't that code for needing to nap on the sofa for a couple of days. ;^)


La Verna

Oyster Bay is gorgeous!All my favorite colors.Agatha looking good as well.


The DIC shawl is beautiful! Another wonderful job.

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